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Sep 2 '14







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Aug 28 '14
Aug 27 '14

abyssalpit asked:

can you talk more about achewood's weird deal with homosexuality, bc that always bothered me but a lot of people coo over achewood anyway


i’ve come basically to the conclusion that onstad’s feelings about homosexuality hover somewhere around the area of “it’d probably be really cool to kiss a guy but only if everyone still thought i was tough and cool and masculine”

you’ve got a couple of different vectors of homosexuality - all exclusively male homosexuality mind you - going on with achewood, and it’s pat, pat’s dad, chucklebot, rod huggins, and finally, and probably most importantly, teodor.

the thing we have to keep in mind with achewood is that basically everything feminine is positioned as “bad” and that there’s no greater sin than ruining a dude’s fun, what with this being the constant basis of both ray and roast beef’s worries, especially in regards to women. this is important to keep in mind with the characterization of pat, who went from “mr. no fun” to “gay mr. no fun”. he does all the other things onstad and his characters accuse women of doing, and that’s really fucking important to keep in mind.

then you’ve got pat’s dad, and chucklebot. nothing overtly really wrong with them other than, well, they’re stereotypes. but onstad gets into this weird dichotomy where he’s all about talking about how male homosexuality is cool and chill and great and gay dudes “think in like a second”, but it’s also a punishment, as is the very origin stories of pat’s dad and pat himself. their gayness is a literal fucking curse. and chucklebot? well, chucklebot don’t do shit. barely gets any lines.

rod huggins is pretty much just “gay: the joke” himself to boot.

and then there’s fucking teodor. onstad’s admitted character closest to him, the little bicurious teddy bear, with moments like a dream sequence where a realtor says that people like him can get married here, or whatever, and teodor almost has a panic attack about people assuming he’s gay… only to pull off his mouth and reveal lips covered in lipstick, then be shamed for making such a scene. and then he gets talked into showing up on a gay porno, then walks out of it as he realizes it’s a gay porno, and it turns out the whole gay porno was some kind of fucking test by circus penis. it’s this constant back and forth of bicuriosity where teodor wants to try it, but keeps running away from it, and with the treatment of the feminine, and the worship of the masculine, the way achewood and onstad at large seems to feel about male homosexuality is, well…

"it might be cool to kiss a dude, but only if i looked tough and manly the whole time"

every other gay dude? they get to be a joke. not the joker. the joke.

Aug 26 '14

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Aug 24 '14


Aug 23 '14

I am trying to understand, but

Aug 20 '14
Aug 16 '14

Vanadinite - Vein 12, Taouz, Er Rachidia Province, Morocco

tasty jello


Vanadinite - Vein 12, Taouz, Er Rachidia Province, Morocco

tasty jello


Aug 11 '14


sadly this is the best and only footage on YouTube of the opening titles to “Hunter”, an Australian educational show produced by ABC Hobart in the mid 80s, although apparently it was rerun into the 90s and even dug up now and then in the 00s.

this is probably my strongest memory from kindergarten where it was played for us every Friday (i think?) afternoon

incredible aesthetics smoothie

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Aug 8 '14


It’s out. Save your food, save your money. Buy it on the App Store.

reblogging for the people that aren’t up at 1AM.

This is a video for an app I’ve been poking at for the last four years or so, always putting it on the back burner when something else was needing to be done. But now it’s finally out, and some friends and I made (what I think is a very neat) video about it. Please check it out, and if you like it, share it.

Aug 8 '14

It’s out. Save your food, save your money. Buy it on the App Store.

Aug 4 '14

2014: when cereal made me finally give up on the idea of pride fairs

Aug 3 '14
dream setup

dream setup

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