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s mazuk

Mar 7 '11

Victoria tumblr meetup

Some people said they’d come to a Victoria tumblr meetup, so I’m planning one: April 26th, 8pm, Fernwood Inn. I figure the inn is flexible enough to have space for several people without needing a reservation (in case only those ‘some people’ do come), and having it on Tuesday won’t mess with people’s plans. 

We’ll be doing it on April 29th, same place, same time. Here’s the meeting page:

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    I heard you can never get a drink at the tumblr meetups… because the servers are always down.
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    Can’t we all just go to Aaron’s show instead? huh? huh?
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    can’t we all just drink on the street?
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    Oh my god yes! There’s only one thing that could make our show even better and that would be for a Tumblr meetup to be...
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    8pm on a Tuesday? What are you guys, rock stars? Crack heads? Students?
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    I’m in. Except I’ll probably have to hang out with that Sam fucker.
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    I am in for this. What say you, local tumblr folk?
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    Instead of avoiding everyone’s plans, let’s *make them* and make them on Friday.
  11. donovansphone said: I’m on vacation that week. If I’m in town I’ll be there.
  12. glenoneill said: I’m game.
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